My Specialities

I attribute my significant advantages as a thinker and problem-solver to a wide-ranging skillset capable of pinpointing bottlenecks, assumptions, unseen or denied system issues, and underlying principles of dynamics, structure, and function.

In this sense I think I am more of a ‘Renaissance woman’ than a pure specialist. This freedom allows me to be a cross-disciplinary generalist capable of recognizing and predicting system behavior.

But I can and do specialize when necessary in particular strategies that I feel are most relevant in today’s world:

Leveraging technology for integration,knowledge, strategy and solutions. From new types of data-management derived from brain network functioning; to software algorithms; to ‘cognitive graphic design’ – the driving goal here is leveraging ‘modern’  technology against the challenges of the 21st century. Patents and other IP issues to be discussed in advance.

Optimizing communications. Rare is the team that operates without non-optimal or even detrimental communications protocols.  My approach sidesteps most of the typical management approaches to get to the heart of the issues. This includes  supporting the construction of  inventive yet workable solutions that all participants can embrace.

Win-win-win-win solutions. The underlying aim is to create new foundations, motivations, and workable solutions through techniques derived from natural systems.  Hundreds of millions of years of evolution have produced amazing solutions which we have not yet begun to tap.  (‘Biomimicry’ being but a pale shadow of the possible.)  From brains to ecosystems to honeyebees to biochemical circuits, I can extract core principles that you can use to better yourself, your environs, or the world.

Personal health and brain optimization. You’ve gone decades without something you’re willing to give your computer and your car multiple times a year: maintenance and upgrades.  Yet from loss of energy and productivity due to health problems, to increasing depression, anxiety, and ADD/ADHD,  these imbalances can severely and negatively impact your life, work, happiness, and expression of your full potential.

Conflicting advice and information overload make a bad problem even worse. I can sort out the bleeding-edge scientific research, present it to you in a coherent way, integrate it according to your specific history, background, and needs, and customize it to reduce the effects of your bad habits while amplifying all your positive capacities.

Couple this to our rapidly growing research on the prevention of aging and dementia, and you can think of those 50 years as merely  the first half of your life.  Truly the best IS yet to come – but not if you refuse your body and brain the maintenance you give without thinking, to your car.

In travels throughout the world and through teachings by may ancient cultures and traditions, I feel I have learned quite a few things that provide me the ability to give insight, training, and support for truly whole life transformation and rebuilding. If you’re ready to give up the  suffering everyone tells you is ‘just part of getting older’ – opt for a joyous path instead that boosts body, mind, heart and purpose – and will leave you fitter, happier, and more capable of handling the demands of todays’ world.

I can help you integrate, understand, optimize, and rejuvenate all your systems. ALL your systems.

From your personal health (mind, body, emotions and purpose), to your relationships,  teams, and external influences, to strategic thinking and novel solutions in a rapidly changing environment. I can help you adapt,  innovate solid foundations, and create a centered, brilliant system capable of resilience and rapid response to our new world.

And I’ll make sure you know there’s no reason not to have fun while doing it! 😉

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